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Notorious Chorus is a group singing workshop for adults.  During the workshop, participants practice singing techniques to grow their voice and skills for singing in harmony.  Each four-week session will focus on learning great harmony songs from popular music -

past and present. 

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Each session includes:

  • vocal exercises to address breath, resonance, range, tone, etc.

  • ear training and harmony singing

  • access to home practice videos

Video: Natalie Prauser


I am not a "singer" per se, but...I AM a lover of good music. And laughter! And MAGIC! Thanks to Beth (and a bit due to beer) we are getting all of that💓and turns out, I CAN sing (better with a group 😜). NoCho is harmonizing Kansas City, one chord at a time. This is what our world needs!! Voices raising voices, souls richer, sharing in community–imagine if we all sung together!! ~ Susie Weis

The Notorious Chorus has been a great activity for my wife and I. Beth has a great talent in helping people like me get past their anxiety and fear to perform and develop their confidence to sing expressively and joyfully. She has a great skill in leading and motivating through an energy of support and encouragement. I have developed enough to where I like how I sing and how I sound. ~ Steve Sawtelle

Singing has always been a resource for me, but I didn't have much of an outlet besides my car and the more and more seldom karaoke nights. Notorious Chorus has given me so much life and joy that carries me through the week. Beth is awesome-- she somehow strikes a balance of taking us seriously while also being silly and creating a no-pressure, nonjudgemental environment. I will definitely be back for more!! ~ Katie Jones

Now Enrolling
:30 - 8:00 pm
July 17 - August 7

Stockyards Brewery, KCMO

Gain confidence in your voice and experience the JOY of singing in harmony with others.

All experience levels welcome and encouraged.

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Come sing with us!

A room full of singers of all ages laughing.

Photo credit: Christine White

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Louisville Folk School Harmony Workshop

Photo credit: Christine White

Photo credit: Christine White

Choir Director on the Loose

Twenty years leading choirs and making music in the Kansas City area brings me in contact with all sorts of people who want to sing.  I often come across singers who miss singing in their high school choir, instrumentalists who want to work on their voice or practice singing harmony, and plenty of people who would love to give singing a try but are afraid they might not be good enough.  Notorious Chorus was designed to meet all of those needs in a relaxed and fun setting.  Come sing with us!  I promise you're good enough;)

Notoriously yours, 

Beth Watts Nelson​

Beth Watts Nelson in a black suit coat and arms crossed in front with a conductor's baton resting at her shoulder.


Master of Music, Choral Conducting, University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2008​

Bachelor of Music Education, Kansas State University, 2001

Photo credit: Chris Watts


1.  Will I ever be asked to sing alone?

Unless you are interested in singing solo, you will never be asked to sing alone.  Plus, singing with a group is THE BEST!

2.  Do I need to practice or prepare anything before the workshop?

Nah.   Just show up, grab a drink, and find a seat.  We'll learn everything we need to know during the course of the evening.  You will have access to videos if you'd like to practice at home but it is not required.

3.  Does this chorus ever actually perform?

We may pop into the bar and sing for the lucky patrons on the final meeting of the session.  And we did get an invite to sing at the Crossroads Music Fest!   But, our main focus is singing together for fun.  Any performances would be informal and optional.

4.  Do I get to drink beer?

If you like beer, Stockyards has some of the best beer in Kansas City in addition to a fully-stocked bar.  But you can also just drink water!

5.  This workshop says it's for adults.  Can my child attend?

Absolutely!   There is no age restriction.

6.  Will we be divided by vocal part?

We will learn all the parts together as a group then you will decide which part suits you best.

7.  Do I have to read music to participate?

Music reading skills are not necessary but music will be provided.  A music reading primer is available before each workshop if you'd like to learn!

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